What To Do In Geneva or Our Mini City Guide

What To Do In Geneva or Our Mini City Guide

 Hey guys! It has been in our thoughts for a while to create mini city guides about where we travel. How many times have you googled "things to do in ..."? Well we sure did and sometimes we end up looking at a few pages because everyone has  different suggestions and opinions. So that's why we thought to create our own mini guides for Marble Hive girls. Our team LOVES travelling! The whole experience of discovering something new is so worth it even if things don't go as planned sometimes.Hopefully you will find our mini city guides helpful, inspiring & useful. and if you ever follow our recommendations we hope that you have the best time! 

what to do in Geneva what to do in Geneva

The first city guide we would like to share with you is about our home Geneva, a city where Marble Hive is based. We might not live in the "city that never sleeps" but it is a city that is growing, very international, has amazing food, cool spots and so close to other amazing locations. We can hop on a train to Paris or Milan, we can drive for a day on a weekend to ski in the Alps or we can fly an hour and be almost in any city in Europe.



fun facts text

  1. The main language is French as we are located in the French part of Switzerland and 4 km away from France (in Switzerland there are 4 national languages: French, German, Italian & Romansh) 

  2. 2ndmost populated city in Switzerland

  3. Very international! Around 40% residents come from all over the world

  4. Red Cross was founded here

  5. The chocolate here is to die for !!! Continue reading for our recommendations 

  6. Geneva has the world’s largest Flower Clock. Its face is five meters in diameter, and consists of 6,500 live flowers that grow and bloom at different times, making the clock periodically change in colour.

  7. Geneva is the birthplace of Internet as we know it today World Wide Web was invented and developed in CERN laboratory

  8. Home to the headquarters of the European branch of the United Nations, the European branch of the International Red Cross and the World Health Organization.

  9. Jet d’eau is one of the world’s tallest water fountains (140m)

  10. The great fashion icon and business woman Diane von Furtsenberg studied economics in Geneva (big big fans of her & her work)

  11. Best-selling author Paolo Coelho lives here (big fans of his novels)

  12. Geneva has been visited by many celebrities and notable people from all over the world and some of them even made it their home

  13. Famous for banking & many international companies are headquartered here

  14. Best time to visit is in summer or winter (if you are passing by to ski in the mountains) 

for foodies

These are just a few great spots and there are many more yummy places but the list is soooo long and for a small city we are real foodies here

For Lunch

Lipp (always open, great menu options and seafood)

Luigia (yummy pizza)

Le Relais del’Entrecote (that sauce ! need we say more ?)

Izumi (beautiful view from terrace when its warm enough)

For Dinner

Alma (pisco & ceviche)

Chez Calvin (yummy brasserie)

Chez Philippe (grills)

Auberge D’Onex (escalope, pasta & dessert chariot)

Les Armures (Swiss yums on colder days)

Manhattan Café (the burger is bomb)

For Brunch

Marcel (all the best brunch options)

Living Room (chic brunch)

For Sweet Tooth

Läderach (choose from freshest chocolate options by kilo, it’s as fresh as it gets!)

Auer (famous almonds, grilled, caramelized coated in milk and dipped in cocoa powder mmm)

Martel (variety if desserts & chocolates)

  1. Jet d’eau fountain

  2. Broken chair sculpture

  3. Reformation wall

  4. Old town

  5. Flower clock

  6. Boat ride on the lake

  7. The Musée d’Art et d’Histoire

  8. Place du Molard 

  9. Cologny view 


  1. Montreux

  2. Lausanne

  3. Annecy

  4. Gstaad

  5. Chamonix

  6. Megeve


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