teamLab Borderless Tokyo exhibition tips and details

teamLab Borderless Tokyo exhibition tips and details

These holidays our founder (@iouliami) went to Tokyo and one of the highlights for her this time there was the incredible digital art museum that has been showing up on many Instagram posts. So far Hailey Baldwin, Bella Hadid, The Weeknd, Shay Mitchell and many other influencers visited it. Swizz Beatz and Nas even filmed their music video Echo there. Really recommend you seeing the video, the visuals are phenomenal and you can actually experience them when you visit the museum. It has already welcomed over 1 million visitors and the tickets have been selling like crazy. One of the first tips she shared was: be sure to pre-book your tickets as the exhibit is becoming more and more popular that now it's probably impossible to buy tickets on the same day or especially at the venue. There is a limited capacity in the place and in order to insure that everyone gets to enjoy the experience, take pictures, take their time they cannot sell more tickets. Already even inside to certain exhibits there are lines that can take up to 1 hour of waiting. 

teamlab art exhibition

The exhibition is located in the Odaiba district that is part of the Tokyo Bay, man made island. As it's not in the centre of Tokyo, we recommend that if you wish to explore the area, you can spend a whole day there. There you have Palette town (where teamLab exhibition is located), Venus Fort, Huge Ferris wheel, Toyota Megaweb, Fuji Tv building, Decks Tokyo beach, Aquacity, Diver City Tokyo Plaza, Telecom Center, Museum of Maritime science, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Oedo Onsen. The exhibition has no time limit itself and you are free to enjoy your time there as long as you want. You can easily spend there several hours. 

Hailey Baldwin teamlab tokyo


Getting there and service  

  • Getting to Odaiba is not the easiest by public transport and even if the public transport in Tokyo is amazing, a first timer might get confused as there are a few line changes depending on where you go from. Also it will take around 50 min minimum (500-700 yen). If you can, we recommend to go for a taxi on this trip at least on the way there, like this it only takes you around 20 min (4000-5000 yen) from Tokyo main central areas, and you can enjoy sightseeing on the way and the Rainbow bridge. 
  • When you arrive to Palette town (where teamLab, Ferris wheel, Toyota Mega web and Venus Fort are located, you will find signs for direction to the exhibition. 
  • At the exhibition you will have access to safe lockers at the entrance, where you can put your jackets, bags etc. very convenient as you might stay hours at the place and move a lot. Need 100 yen to lock (it comes back after). Take some money with you though, as there are vending machines and a tea place inside the museum
  • We can also recommend wearing light colors if you want to blend in with the art more, so you have to be more like a white canvas. Also choose comfy shoes and for some rooms you will not be allowed in heels (if you do however come in heels, you can find a rental shoe place) Last and not least point, ladies go for pants rather than skirts due to many mirrors on the floor. 
  • Also note that the exhibition there are not many directions and there is no correct way to follow, so you can just go with the flow, just be sure not to miss some of the exhibits. You are encouraged to wander and discover on your own. 
  • Eat beforehand as there is no food and only drinks are available 

Exhibit Highlights at the teamLab museum

All the exhibits are interactive: you're encouraged to touch, follow, disrupt or add to them. None of these video/digital artworks are played on loop, either. They are all original, organic movements that are dependant on audience participation – the art changes constantly through 'smart learning'. As teamLab puts it, 'no two visits will be the same'. The museum splits into the following sections: Borderless World, Athletics Forest, Future Park, Forest of Lamps and the En Tea house.

Exhibits in detail

memory of typography art

Memory of Topography- this room recreates a paddy field that changes colors due to seasons, the entrance might look very tiny, but as soon as you enter you will find a big room full of paddies and mirrors. 

shay Mitchell Tokyo teamlab

Bella Hadid tokyo teamlab


Crystal World-the room full of LEDs and mirrors (you can download an app and change the color) there are also two exits 

forest of resonating labs

Forest of Resonating Lamps- this one has a line as the lamps are located in a room that allows up to 20 visitors for around 2 minutes. The lamps are made out of the Venitian Murano glass. This room also changes color. 

Bella Hadid tokyo museum

flower forest teamlab

Flower Forest- one of the first and largest rooms you will see at the exhibit. If you stand on an empty spot flowers will sprout, if you touch them they will wilt and scatter. Here you can observe various colours, flowers and movements. 

en tea house

En Tea House- a lovely place to have a small break and enjoy a cup of tea, Ioulia loved the one with yuzu and took it cold after hours of running around. When they bring you a cup wait a few seconds and see how the flower stars to bloom inside your cup. This is a beautiful experience where you consume while interacting with art. 

 Animals-in the hallways you will find animals moving, touch them and they might turn around and look at you. 

the nest teamlab

The Nest- Ioulia did not actually find it or possibly it was one of the places with the longest line, we suggest asking a staff member for directions (apparently its near the entrance, inside Borderless world) 

teamlab tokyo waves


Black Waves-also missed this one, apparently its a more relaxing room as it doesn't have too many colors. 

weightless forestweightless forest

Weightless forest-full of hot air balloons located in Athletics forest. 

light showlight show

Light Shell and Light Vortex-this is more like a light show where you can either stroll through or sit and enjoy the color changes and music. 

Multi Jumping Universe-interact by jumping around on a trampoline. 

team lab crows

Crows-show up unannounced for a short period of time in different spaces. It is definitely an experience that can give you vertigo, so be careful for anyone who is sensitive to these kinds of things. If you stand at position close to the entrance the boundary between the wall and the floor disappears, the real space dissolves and the lines drawn by the trails of  the crows appear to be drawn in three dimensions in the space. Eventually the body becomes immersed in the artwork world, and the border between the artwork and the viewer dissolves, suggests teamLab. 

A word from Ioulia: "I truly enjoyed this exhibition as it is something that I have never seen before. It is incredible what has been put together in this digital art form that also allows interaction with what you see. I have spent there around three hours with my husband and we both enjoyed almost equally (if not for the amount of pictures I asked him to take) haha but jokes apart, I think its a great experience for adults and for children. Also as a last tip, after all the running around I recommend you to go and enjoy Pinkberry green tea flavoured frozen yogurt. Really yum!"


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