Growing and Improving

Growing and Improving

Welcome to our new redesigned site! Even though we have launched only a few months ago, we are always on the road to improvement in order for you to get the best experience with us. 

First of all, of course the look and the shopping experience have been refined and improved for the ease and pleasure. However, most importantly we are super excited to establish a more open connection with you through our blog posts. 

Our blog posts will feature more information about the products. If its about cosmetics, we will open secrets about how to maximise the use of them, their benefits and the brands behind them. For clothing items, we will share our inspiration, styling tips and the latest trends. In addition we will offer lifestyle posts such as chic city guides. As some of our team members travel constantly, we simply cannot not share some of the amazing places we have been to. Another fun part that we will share, is that we will feature interviews of the people behind the brands that we carry, influencers, bloggers and just interesting and successful people from the fashion, lifestyle and beauty industries. 

So guys, lets communicate & share more ! 

Lots of love 

Marble Hive team

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