A look at Sade's timeless style aesthetics

A look at Sade's timeless style aesthetics

Sade Adu is not only a music icon who creates music that keeps on giving throughout the years but she is also a style icon. Since she emerged with her band in the 1980s with the sound that blended Jazz, Latin rhythms and sophisticated pop, she has remained an international superstar, while still remaining her mystery, dignity and class. Like her music, her style choices withstood the test of time thanks to that effortless cool vibe. We looked over her looks and noticed a few style and beauty staples that represent Sade. Let's go ahead and see all of these step by step. 


 sade style hoop earringssade style hoops

 Sade is a big fan of hoop earrings, especially sleek minimal hoops. You can spot her almost every time wearing them, in different sizes however she seems to be wearing the larger size the most and her preferred color seems to be gold.


sade make up


Looking at Sade's make up looks, you can also notice the preference for minimal and classic. Her signature look being the red lip with minimal liner. Considering her preference for sleek hair, the combo of this make up and hair look is perfectly chic. 


sade style denim


Who doesn't love denim? Probably no one :) We feel that denim has transformed from being super casual to something even classic and chic nowadays. Even denim on denim has been spotted more and more on the streets. Here Sade looks so chic, who would think that this picture was taken in 1980? Did you know that even Isabel Marant named a shirt after Sade?


sade hair braidsade ponytail



Sade's sleek hair looks are iconic and go hand in hand with her style. Most of the time she seems to have either a sleek braid or a sleek ponytail. 


sade white shirt

sade shirt style











 White shirt is probably a staple piece in anyone's wardrobe and Sade shows exactly how you can transform a simple white shirt into something fun and effortless and again this piece is definitely timeless.  

Here are some pieces inspired by Sade's style from Marble Hive that you could use to recreate her iconic looks:

  1. Selena Gold Hoop Earrings
  2. Selena Silver Hoop Earrings
  3. Denim Shirt
  4. Blue Shirt
  5. White Oversized Shirt
  6. Multi Functional White Shirt
  7. Print Crop Top
  8. Crystal Crop Top


Here are some more of our favorite Sade's looks:

sade fashion

sade iconic looks

sade fashion looks

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