60 Questions with Siwar: the girl with an aesthetic & a vision

60 Questions with Siwar: the girl with an aesthetic & a vision

Nowadays, especially on Instagram we come along many profiles who tend to imitate someone else, and it is always refreshing to find unique profiles with a distinctive personal vision. Our new girl for 60 Mini Questions is Siwar Tlili, a lady behind @mesillusionssousecstasy and our muse. Siwar shares different images of not just fashion or selfies, she shares her vision, inspiration and personal aesthetic. All of these things represent her creativity and that is why we love following her. In addition to her visual aesthetic we learned that Siwar cares about important causes which she frequently mentions on her stories on Instagram. 
To get a little more factual about Siwar, she is a Gemini, has quite an international background and speaks 5 languages. She is originally Tunisian, lived in Switzerland for her studies and is currently residing in Norway with her boyfriend. She is not really into cold weather and we agree with her who actually is unless it's temporary, right? Siwar's perfect time off would be somewhere in the south of Italy, where she can spend her time readings books (she loves vintage old books), laying under the sun, biking through the small city streets and eating fresh fruit all day. Her style favourites would be her bf's jackets, coats, t-shirts and shirts to create that perfect oversized look. As for beauty, her number one must thing to do is moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! She says she uses tons of cream on her body and face and it's never enough. Her favourite make up look or as she says "the only one I know how to make haha" is the eyeliner "big eyes" look.  Another part of her beauty and style is that she always has bangs and short hair. Find out more about Siwar by continuing to read the 60 Mini Questions. 
mesillusionssousecstasy siwar tlili 
1. What are your roots?
 2. Where are you based?
 3. What do you do?
Studying Nowegian language to finish my studies in Oslo
 4.   How would you describe your style?
     Unaffordable :(
 5.   How tall are you?
 6.   What is your perfect casual outfit?
     Crop top, denim, sneakers
 7.   What is your perfect professional look?
   White shirt, flared suit pants, black boots
 8. What is your skin care routine?
Im blessed with a good skin so my skin care is very simple. I just make sure to wash my face very well every night before bed, serum, then hydrating cream (alot of it). After long weekends of partying I use a face mask and maybe some drops of Aesop Fabulous Face Oil.
 9. Favorite food?
    Sea food
 10. Favorite movie/Tv show?
mesillusionssousecstasy siwar tlili 
 11. What inspires you?
   12. Favorite quote?
    No rain, no roses
 13. Favorite accessory?
      My Jacquemus bag
  14. Which fashion item every girl should have?
    Long black classy coat
 15. Guilty pleasure?
    Agent Provocateur lingerie 
 16. Your dream?
    To be able to work in an international organization like WHO or UN and help out in developing countries and places of need.
 17. Favorite summer destination?
 18. Favorite winter destination?
 19. Skin tip?
Extend part of your skincare (or all of it) to your neck and/or breasts and thank yourself in 30 years
 mesillusionssousecstasy siwar tlili
 20. Hair tip?
  Olive oil mask at least once a week.
 21. Favorite book?
  Frederic Beigbeder, Nouvelles sous ecstasy
 22. Are you an introvert/extrovert/ or a bit of both?
   A bit of both
 23. Something unusual unique about you?
   My crooked teeth
 24. Most important traits in people?
  Moral, down to earth, trustworthy
 25. Style icon / Style crush?
   Daria for Céline by Juergen Teller
 26. Beauty icon?
 Yasmeen Ghauri
 27. What is your star sign?
 28. What is your workout routine?
    10 mins running, 15 mins legs and glutes 15mins abs 15 mins back/ chest / arms. 
 29. Do you work out? how often?
  Yes, it depends on my mood, but normally three times a week
 30. Healthy tips?
  Vegtables soups are so easy to make, so healthy and comforting. You can make any kind to match your tastes and feed your body with all the good minerals, vitamins, and water.
siwar tlili  
31. Favorite/best ab exercise?
  Twisting planck for tighter waist
32. Best/favorite butt exercise?
   Resistance band workouts
33. Do you go to gym or work out at home? any apps/videos you use?
  I go to gym. Sometimes when I have zero motivation and inspiration, I check Kirkmyfitness on Instagram
34. Favorite color?
35. Favorite artist?
   Hayayo Miyazaki
36. Favorite music, song?
  I like techno, deep house, and house.
37. Night out or in?
    Night  out
38. Spirit Animal?
39. What would you like to change in the world?
   Get rid of racism.
40. Dream job as a child?
41. Favorite accounts to follow on Instagram?
   Stylemefresh, purienne_ , palmheightsgc , simplicitycity , and of course emrata haha
42. What’s on your Wishlist right now?
   All women’s wear on VooStore.
43. Do you have pets?
  No, but In thinking about getting a dog next year.
44. Scariest thing you have ever done?
  Traveling with an expired visa lol
45. Favorite luxury designer?
   Jil Sander, Lemaire
46. The best thing about fashion is … (fill the gap)
47. What is the one thing that could make you feel better instantly?
48. What is on your cosmetics Wishlist?
  Moonlighter cushion from CLE Cosmetics
49. Favorite cocktail?
    Spicy margarita 
50. Thoughts on social media?
  Some days very inspiring, some other days very toxic and unhealthy.
siwar tlili 
51. How do you stay motivated?
  I don’t. I struggle most of the time. Motivation comes and goes, but thinking of the people I love, and of my long term goals and ambitions helps me a lot. 
52. Skirts or pants?
53. Favorite sweet food?
  Warm croissants with nutella, I die…
54. Favorite salty food?
  Everything spicy, and cheese.
55. Which languages do you speak?
   Arabic, French, English, Spanish and Norwegian
56. What was your favorite subject in school?
   Human Biology
57. Tell us something about your self
   I have a hereditary blood disease that makes me immune to Malaria. Kind of useless… I know.
58. How do you edit your photos?
   On instgram I change the luminosity, shadows, contrast, heat.. or sometimes on VSCO adding some grains.
59. Which apps do you use most often?
Tumblr, Soundcloud, Instagram, UBS banking (to remind myself how poor I am before wasting money on a new face serum I dont need)
60. What do you do in your free time?
 Mostly hang out with my boyfriend, make food together, work out, read, find new music, go out with friends…
Siwar tlili
siwar tlili

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