60 Mini Questions With Vivi, not just a fashion girl

60 Mini Questions With Vivi, not just a fashion girl

Vivi (@vivigripp) is a perfect example of a young woman who is passionate about fashion. It is obvious through her creativity and sense of style that we can see through her Instagram page, however what we don't see is that behind the scenes Vivi has been building a good professional background in fashion as well. Her main experience  being was when she was working for Zalando where she had a chance to manage numerous campaigns for brands like Coach, Lacoste, Polo Ralph Lauren to name a few. In addition to her part time influencer job and working in fashion, education has been an important part in V's life which is why she is currently studying Luxury Management and Marketing at emLyon Business school to get her masters degree. The program is great as it allows Vivi to experience life in different countries as well as meet people from different backgrounds. So far she did a few months in Paris, now she is in London and soon she will be going to Shanghai. We will for sure be following her adventures and cannot wait to see the content she will share.

We first spotted Vivi as stylish girl on Instagram, which is a natural scenario nowadays. What's more amazing and important however, is to see that behind this young woman is a creative and hardworking girl who is on her way to make her dreams come true.

 Vivi also shared with us that she has a big project coming up soon which she cannot share just yet, so stay tuned guys! 

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1.     Where are you from?

From Hamburg, Germany


2.    What are your roots?

German roots


3.   Where are you based?

Currently based in London until end of March. From April to June based in Shanghai


4.    What do you do?

I study Luxury Management and Marketing at the emlyon business school and work as influencer


5.    How old are you? /When were you born?

24, born in April 1994


6.   How would you describe your style?

Effortless and edgy, often including trending pieces


7.    How tall are you?



8.   What is your perfect casual outfit?

Mom Jeans plus oversized sweater


9.   What is your perfect professional look?

Blazer and Culotte


10. What is your skin care routine?

To remove my makeup every night and use moisturizer and serum

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11.   Favorite food?

Truffle pasta


12.  Favorite movie/Tv show?

Breakfast at Tiffany’s and every movie with Liam Neeson. Regarding series I watch a lot of Netflix (too much) and my favorites are currently Dr. Foster, La Casa de Papel, Modern Family, YOU


13. What inspires you?

I get a lot of inspiration from art and street style and I love to browse through Pinterest but my biggest inspiration is my mum who has an amazing style and always influenced me. I think if it wasn’t for her interest in fashion I might not have ended up in this amazing industry.


14.  Life motto?

Stay happy and true to yourself


15.  Favorite quote?

"You can never be overdressed or overeducated"


16. Favorite accessory?



17.  Which fashion item every girl should have?

Perfect Leather Jacket


18. Guilty pleasure?

Eating chocolate


19. Your dream?

Living a happy and equally successful life


20.Favorite summer destination?


 vivi gripp paris

21.  Favorite winter destination?

Any place summery – I don’t like winter vacations


22. Beauty tip / hack?

BB cream


23. Skin tip?



24. Hair tip?

Dry shampoo


25. Favorite book?

Harry Potter


26.Are you an introvert/extrovert/ or a bit of both?

A bit of both


27. Something unusual unique about you?

Nobody expects this but I love camping and festivals


28.Favorite feature/ trait?

My honesty


29.Describe yourself in 3 words

Funny, ambitious and outgoing

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30.Most important values in life?

Loyalty, freedom, happiness and honesty


31. Style icon / Style crush?

Kendall Jenner, Josefine HJ, Hailey Baldwin


32. Beauty icon?

Blake Lively


33.What is your star sign?



34. What is your workout routine?

I don’t really have a routine, I try to do some workouts at home, mostly for my core and butt


35. Do you work out? how often?

I work out 1 – 2 times per week if I manage


36.Healthy tips?

Drink a lot of water


37. Favorite/best ab exercise?

Around the world


38.Best/favorite butt exercise?

Back kicks


39.Favorite color?



40. Favorite artist?

There are too many, Travis Scott, The Blaze, Rainbow Kitten Surprise

 vivi gripp marble hive

41.  Favorite music, song?

Wonderful Life – Smith & Burrows; You’ve got the love – Florence + The Machine; Sombody Else – The 1975; Sicko Mode - Travis Scott


42. Night out or in?



43. Spirit Animal?



44. What would you like to change in the world?

War and animal abuse


45. What is the cause you care about most ?

Overall it is very important for me to live conscious, to do everything in moderation (eating meat, producing waste etc.) and to try to do something good.


46. Dream job as a child?



47. Favorite accounts to follow on Instagram?

@mvb, @josefinehj, @alessaa_w, @hannaschonberg, @xeniadonts


48. What’s on your Wishlist right now?

Chloé – Petit sac Tess


49. Do you have pets?

A cat and a French bulldog


50.Scariest thing you have ever done?

Taking my cat from the streets of Mallorca home to Germany

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51.  Favorite luxury designer?

Chloé and Balenciaga


52. The best thing about fashion is … (fill the gap)

… that you can change up all day every day


53. What is the one thing that could make you feel better instantly?

Having my friends and family around me


54. What is still on your bucket list?



55. Favorite cocktail?

Gin Basil Smash


56.Skirts or pants?



57. Which languages do you speak?

English, German and a bit of French and Spanish


58.How do you edit your photos?

VSCO and Kuni


59.Which apps do you use most often?

My editing apps and clearly Spotify and Instagram


60.What do you do in your free time?

Meeting friends and family, go out and take pictures of course :)


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Vivi's fave 10 Marble Hive pieces




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