60 Mini Questions With Valeria, previously VSDRESSCODE and now an entrepreneur

60 Mini Questions With Valeria, previously VSDRESSCODE and now an entrepreneur

    Valeria (@v_for_valeria_),  is truly one of a kind. Valeria always had a unique sense of style that fits her perfectly since a very young age and her beauty is beyond words. Apart from being this gorgeous gal she is also a woman with a big heart and strong character. Valeria has been the muse of Marble Hive since way before it launched, as she is the best friend and almost like an older sister of our founder who was inspired by Valeria's style and confidence, as many young sisters do. V was actually one of the first girls to start fashion blogging, probably just a bit after Chiara Ferragni and all the other currently famous bloggers and influencers. Some of you may still remember the VSDRESSCODE blog, we sure do! However, V decided to take a different road and finally closed her blog as she saw herself more of an independent entrepreneur. So far she co-founded two successful luxury goods companies behind which she prefers to stay anonymous, which is actually so rare nowadays. Also in addition to being an amazing wife, friend, successful businesswoman and just beautiful soul she will add a new role to her list as she will soon become a mama. Valeria is a perfect example of a strong modern woman who shows that you can do it all. 
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    1. Where are you from?

    I'm from Switzerland


    1. What are your roots?

    I'm of Russian and Turkish Armenian origins


    1. Where are you based?

    In Geneva, Switzerland


    1. What do you do?

    I'm a co owner of a few companies


    1. How old are you? /When were you born?

    I'm 31 years old and I was born in 1987


    1. How would you describe your style?

    Edgy on trend and very polyvalent


    1. How tall are you?

    173 cm


    1. What is your perfect casual outfit?

    Right now would be high wasted jeans, a t-shirt or sweater paired with loafers or sneakers


    1. What is your perfect professional look?

    I rarely dress professional as I find that today the work culture isn't as strict anymore and there is more and more movement towards more relaxed and casual atmosphere for many professional fields but when I do have to look respectful I find that you can never go wrong with a perfectly tailored suit paired with a tank top or turtleneck for winter.

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    1. What is your skin care routine?

    Exfoliate daily and find your perfect moisturizer. Don't be afraid to skip the moisturizer if your skin doesn't actually need it but don't skip cleaning and gently exfoliating with a natural sponge in the mornings and evenings. My skin reacts strongly to new creams. I usually need 3-4 months for my skin to get used to a new cream so finding alternative ways to stimulate collagen or fight wrinkles is what works for me.  I started the micro needling dermo roll at home once to twice a week and I really appreciate it and of course I'm the biggest advocate of trying to go as natural as possible for your skin care. I'm currently pregnant and throughout all my pregnancy I have only used honey and exfoliating sponge mixed with probiotics for washing my face and organic coconut oil mixed with water for moisture. I wipe the oil off after applying it so it's not too much for me.


    1. Favorite food?

    I love Italian, Russian and Persian food but my most favorite dish must be fried Russian potatoes.


    1. What inspires you?

    Life and all the possibilities it holds. It's limitless.


    1. Life motto?

    Live your best life, you only get one so make the best of it.


    1. Favorite quote?

    "A champion is someone who gets up when he can't" - Jack Dempsey


    1. Favorite accessory?



    1. Which fashion item every girl should have?

    The right biker jacket


    1. Guilty pleasure?



    1. Your dream?

    Real: see the world and people evolve and change for the better. Unreal: live forever


    1. Favorite summer destination?

    Mykonos or Sardinia

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    1. Favorite winter destination?



    1. Beauty tip / hack?

    A little extra volume on distressed hair easily achieved with loots of hair spray or dry shampoo while keeping your head down.


    1. Skin tip?

    Perfectly used concealer to unify


    1. Hair tip?

    Throw your hair around if you didn't have time to style it and don't go for a defined parting.


    1. Are you an introvert/extrovert/ or a bit of both?



    1. Something unusual unique about you?

    Oh, that's hard. I guess I'm just unique in general ;)


    1. Favorite feature/ trait?



    1. Describe yourself in 3 words

    Smart, kind and funny


    1. Most important values in life?

    Humbleness and kindness.


    1. Most important traits in people?


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    1. Style icon / Style crush?

    I don't think I have one. I like too many different styles


    1. Beauty icon?

    I sill think no-one can compare to young Angelina Jolie but today I really like Jessica Alba.


    1. What is your star sign?



    1. What is your workout routine?

    I have only been walking now since I'm pregnant but I usually do Tracy Anderson's workout.


    1. Do you work out? how often?

    Yes, I usually do around 4 Tracy Anderson's workouts and then try to squeeze in 2-3 45 min cardio sessions.


    1. Healthy tips?

    Everything in moderation


    1. Favorite color?

    As boring as it sounds but it's timeless- black.


    1. Night out or in?



    1. Spirit Animal?

    Black panther in general and the sloth for my love of sleeping


    1. What would you like to change in the world?

    Humanity's egoism

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    1. What is the cause you care about most?

    Pollution, wars and animal extinction


    1. Dream job as a child?

    I don't think I had one. Everyone joked I should become a judge though cause even small I could see right through people.


    1. Favorite accounts to follow on Instagram?

    @themarblehive :D and many interior design accounts


    1. What’s on your Wishlist right now?

    Ahaha, a million things but to be precise a Dylanlex choker and a few pairs of sunglasses.

    1. Do you have pets?

    Yes, I have two dogs, a labrador and a chihuahua


    1. Scariest thing you have ever done?

    Probably scuba dive at night.


    1. Favorite luxury designer?

    Olivier Rousteing right now


    1. The best thing about fashion is ... (fill the gap)

    its ability to transform a person


    1. What is the one thing that could make you feel better instantly?



    1. What is still on your bucket list?

    Many many travels

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    1. Favorite cocktail?

    Moscow mule


    1. Thoughts on social media?

    An inseparable part of our society and of us as human beings that has completely modified the dynamics of social relations and has brought a lot of positivity by raising awareness and allowing us to be connected to the whole world yet one of the main dangers to the future generations if not contained. Makes us more anti-social and can entirely destroy real world interactions. If you haven't yet, do watch the Black Mirror series. I think in season 3 there is one episode that portrays what we could become and sooner than we think. In our egoistic and very self-centered world we need more humanity not the contrary to survive.


    1. How do you stay motivated?

    It's quite innate with me. I'm a fighter in general and I always think there is room for improvement. Always move forward. The clock is ticking so be the best version of yourself now.


    1. Skirts or pants?



    1. Favorite sweet food?

    Nutella and banana pancake


    1. Favorite salty food?



    1. Which languages do you speak?

    English, Russian, French, a little bit of mandarin and currently learning Spanish


    1. How do you edit your photos?

    Filters on Insta if needed


    1. Which apps do you use most often?

    Instagram and Uber


    1. Favorite apps?

    Clean beauty


    1. What do you do in your free time?

    Chill with my husband, see my friends, surf the net and play PlayStation


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    Valeria's fave 10 Marble Hive pieces
    6. Hepburn sunnies in black and in white 
    7. Croco belt bag (both colors) 

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