60 Mini Questions With Svita, the founder of The Gypset Girl

60 Mini Questions With Svita, the founder of The Gypset Girl

In today's world of fashion there are so many talented individuals, but it is always interesting to see new faces and talents that are just starting out and have a mind full of ideas and that fresh sense of passion to learn and bring something different and new to the table. Svita is an amazing example of exactly that woman. She took her first fashion steps by working for Moda Operandi, Oscar de la Renta, Anton Belinsky and BOF ( The Business of Fashion).  And that is not all ! Last year Svita launched an The Gypset Girl platform that works as an online store and a community for emerging fashion designers. Currently Svita is studying for her Masters degree at Parsons School of Design in Paris and is working on creating an online community to sell and represent graduate designers from top art universities. Svita is a type of a woman who thinks outside the box with an independent mind, she is a positive example of a modern feminist. We are always excited and proud to share with you features about women like Svita because, these women represent what Marble Hive stands for and encourages. Go ahead and follow Svita on Instagram (@miss_svita) where she shares her inspirations, fashion week's BTS, moods and personal style images. Her style can be a whole other subject, which is why naturally she is also a stylist :) If you are a fan of black, edgy, sexy and modern class, you will definitely get inspired. 


svita gypset girl

      1. Where are you from?
      I was born in Donetsk (little town in the East of Ukraine), moved to Switzerland at the age of 11 till 18. Followed by London, and now discovering Paris.
      1. Where are you based?
      1. What do you do?
      I run a fashion platform @the_gypset_girl, while pursuing MA in Fashion Studies at Parsons School of Design.
      1. How old are you?
      1. How would you describe your style?
      Edgy, dark, sexy
      1. What is your perfect casual outfit?
      Total black. Mini skirt, turtleneck & tabi boots, and of course my jewelry
      1. What is your perfect professional look?
      Jeans, black t-shirt, Golden Goose sneakers.  
      1. What is your skin care routine?
      Face cleanser and moisturizer. Only use products from Biologique Recherche.
      1. Favorite food?
      Pasta Arrabiata with melted mozzarella
      svita sobolyeva
      1. Favorite movie/Tv show?
      My top 5: Last Tango in Paris, The Ninth Gate, Bitten Moon, American Horror Story and The Godfather
      1. What inspires you?
      LOVE. My mother, my mentors and my haters.
      1. Life motto?
      If You Want What No One Else Has, You Must Do What No One Else Does.
      1. Favorite quote?
Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”. – Dr. Seuss
      1. Favorite accessory?
      Graff cross, a present from my parents for my 18thbirthday, as a symbol of strength and femininity.
      1. Which fashion item every girl should have?
      Lingerie, that makes you feel like you’re ready to set the world on fire.
      1. Guilty pleasure?
      Double cheeseburger, 6 chicken nuggets, big fries and fried cherry pie at once.
      1. Your dream?
      Leave a mark in the fashion industry by discovering emerging talents and creating a new concept of an e-commerce.
      1. Favorite summer destination?
      Not to sound basic, but there’s nothing better for me than South of France in August.
      1. Beauty tip / hack?
      Smile is everything.
      miss svita
      1. Skin tip?
      ‘Capture Youth’ Glow Booster serum by Dior.
      1. Hair tip?
      SugarBearHair Vitamins.
      1. Favorite book?
      Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse
      1. Are you an introvert/extrovert/ or a bit of both?
      A bit of both
      1. Something unusual unique about you?
      At first glance people tend to think I’m a cold-hearted bitch, but deep inside I’m a little vulnerable Stitch who just wants to be loved and fed.
      1. Favorite feature/ trait?
      I think I am funny, but I’m not sure if others think so too.
      1. Describe yourself in 3 words:
      Kooky, creative, proactive.
      1. Most important values in life?
      Family, love, freedom.
      1. Most important traits in people?
      Intelligence, decency, fortitude.
      1. Style icon / Style crush?
      Carine Roitfeld, Emmanuelle Seigner in ‘Bitten Moon’, Gilda Ambrosio and Emmanuelle Alt.  
      miss svita
      1. Beauty icon?
      My mom and Monica Belucci
      1. What is your star sign?
      1. Do you work out? how often?
      Sex is my alternative to the gym.
      1. Healthy tips?
      Glass of warm water with lemon in the morning.
      1. Favorite color?
      Black. It’s some kind of mysterious symbol of fetishism for me. It spells out night mixed with danger, while still having romantic identity. Absolute embodiment of myself
      1. Favorite artist?
      Marina Abramovich
      1. Favorite music, song?
      Too many… But ‘Move on Up’ by Curtis Mayfield always puts me in a good mood
      1. Night out or in?
      1. Spirit Animal?
      1. What would you like to change in the world?
      For women start to support and cherish other women – world would become such a better place.
      svita sobolyeva
      1. What is the cause you care about most?
      Child labor (especially in fashion industry)
      1. Dream job as a child?
      To become Anna Wintour
      1. Favorite accounts to follow on Instagram?
      My friends and mostly professional accounts.
      1. What’s on your Wishlist right now?
      Vintage tabi boots with graffiti and Alexandre Vauthier mini dress.
      1. Do you have pets?
      My cat Harry combines a soul mate and the best cuddling partner.
      1. Scariest thing you have ever done?
      Sleep in a room with a Black Widow spider on a humanitarian trip to South Africa, because everyone was too scared to even approach it.
      1. Favorite luxury designer?
      Saint Laurent
      1. The best thing about fashion is ... (fill the gap)
      the opportunity to dress up and play a different character every day.
      1. What is the one thing that could make you feel better instantly?
      My mom
      1. What is still on your bucket list?
      Cage diving with sharks.  
      1. Favorite cocktail?
      Bloody Marry
      1. Thoughts on social media?
      Strongly damages our reality and it’s only the beginning. Watch Black Mirror to feel how worse it can get…
      1. How do you stay motivated?
      Looking back at everything I have accomplished, it inspires to realize how much more I am capable of.
      1. Skirts or pants?
      1. Favorite salty food?
      Cup noodles forever
      1. Which languages do you speak?
      Russian, English, French, Ukrainian
      1. What was your favorite subject in school?
      1. Tell us something about your self:
      I am a crazy collector of magic wands from Ollivanders collection (Harry Potter).
      1. How do you edit your photos?
      Facetune and Instagram filters.
      1. Which apps do you use most often?
      Instagram, Flipboard, Headspace, Zombies Run (best app for running),
      1. What do you do in your free time?
      Party, hang out with friends, explore the city, and watch classics movies. Oh, and of course online shopping!

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