60 Mini Questions With Polina, a designer behind Apolinaria

60 Mini Questions With Polina, a designer behind Apolinaria

 This is our first Q&A on the Marble Hive blog and we are starting off with Polina Muranova (@polinamuranova). Polina is an accessory designer of Apolinaria who decided to create her own brand after finishing The Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design. Apolinaria designs are inspired by the Russian Empire era, however each piece is created with a modern woman in mind. We are big fans of the brand and have been carrying some of the limited edition pieces since day 1. Even though the brand is new, it already created key piece accessories starting from hand embroidered headpieces, then silk tassel earring and even knitted items for winter. Many fashion it girls have been spotted wearing Apolinaria, including Zara Zoffany and Rosie Fortescue. Apart from being a designer and a girl with a great sense of style, Polina is also an amazing cook, who even has a diploma from Cordon Bleu & Peggy Porschen Academy, hence her love for food which you will find out later. 
  1. Where are you from?
       St Petersburg, Russia
  1. Where are you based?
      I am based in London, but moving to Athens this month.
  1. How old are you? /When were you born?
      I am 27 years old. I was born in St Petersburg, Russia.
  1. How would you describe your style?
      Feminine with a touch of gangsta.
  1. How tall are you?
       1,70 cm
  1. What is your perfect casual outfit?
      Jeans, white shirt, leather sneakers and cool eyewear.
  1. What is your perfect professional look?
      A well-tailored suit.
  1. What is your skin care routine?
     In the AM i wash my face with Dr Jart micro foam and apply hyaloronic acid serum from The Ordinary. I then apply Erborian BB cream with SPF, for a natural look. PM i use micellar water from Bioderma to remove make up and wash my face with Dr Jart micro foam. I like to apply primrose oil before I go to bed. I exfoliate my face with Modern Friction from Origins once a week and do a peel. Once a month I do a Hydra Facial.
  1. Favorite food?
A Russian soup made from Cèpes, which is a type of mushroom.
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  1. Favorite movie/Tv show?
Meet Joe Black/ The Big Bang Theory
  1. What inspires you?
  1. Life motto?
        Still, I rise
  1. Favorite quote?
Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.
  1. Favorite accessory?
A smile
  1. Which fashion item every girl should have?
A classic chanel bag
  1. Guilty pleasure?
An occasional cigarette
  1. Your dream?
If a dream can be defined, it is no longer a dream.
  1. Favorite summer destination?
SOF and the Greek Islands
  1. Favorite winter destination?
Swiss Alps
  1. Beauty tip / hack?
Drink 2 spoons of Apple Cider Vinegar with water every day
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  1. Skin tip?
Castor oil in mascara for full long lashes
  1. Hair tip?
I do a course of Olaplex every now and then to keep hair shiny and healthy
  1. Favorite book?
Anna Karenina
  1. Are you an introvert/extrovert/ or a bit of both?
A bit of both
  1. Favorite feature/ trait?
My organisational skills
  1. Describe yourself in 3 words
Open, down to Earth, emotional
  1. Most important values in life?
Respect, honesty, loyalty
  1. Most important traits in people?
Kindness, patience, perseverance 
  1. Style icon / Style crush?
Olivia Palermo
  1. Beauty icon?
Rosie Huntington
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  1. What is your star sign?
  1. Do you work out? how often?
I play tennis and do yoga
  1. Healthy tips?
Drink plenty of water, avoid smoking and sleep before 11
  1. Favorite/best ab exercise?
Sit ups
  1. Best/favorite butt exercise?
  1. Do you go to gym or work out at home? any apps/videos you use?
Both. I use Kayla app or do a group class at my gym
  1. Favorite color?
White and baby blue
  1. Favorite artist?
Michael Jackson
  1. Favorite music, song?
I say a little prayer
  1. Night out or in?
Night out
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  1. Spirit Animal?
  1. What would you like to change in the world?
Pollution & Racism
  1. What is the cause you care about most ?
Plastic waste
  1. Dream job as a child?
  1. Favorite accounts to follow on Instagram?
All food blogs
  1. What’s on your Wishlist right now?
New Chloe sunnies, Jimmy Choo pumps, Maxmara teddy bear coat
  1. Do you have pets?
  1. Favorite luxury designer?
  1. The best thing about fashion is … (fill the gap)
german larkin wedding
  1. What is the one thing that could make you feel better instantly?
A hot chocolate
  1. What is still on your bucket list?
Visit South Africa
  1. Favorite cocktail?
  1. Skirts or pants?
  1. Favorite sweet food?
  1. Favorite salty food?
  1. Which languages do you speak?
Russian, English and French
  1. What was your favorite subject in school?
  1. How do you edit your photos?
Facetune and Instasize
  1. Which apps do you use most often?
  1. Favorite apps?
Pinterest and Epicurious
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